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Brands I’ve Worked With


+Sports Illustrated Magazine

+United States Olympic Committee

+National Basketball Association

+Callaway Golf Media Ventures

+NFL Europe

+CBS Sports

+Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

+Time Warner

+West Hollywood Sports Festival

+University of Navarra (IESE)          Business School, Barcelona

+Communities In Schools

+Luis Rivera Portfolio

+Team DC

+Perfect Soccer

+World Wheelchair Rugby

Favorite team: NY Yankees.

Favorite soccer player:

Then/David Beckham; Now/Mo Salah

Favorite football player:

Then/Jerry Rice; Now/Dak Prescott

Favorite golfer:

Then/Ben Hogan; Now/Tiger

iPhone or Android? iPhone 

Twitter or Instagram? Twitter 

Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s? Whole Foods 

Dogs or cats? Love them both 

Which would you rather win — a Grammy or an

Oscar? A Grammy 

Last country visited. England 

Favorite cartoon character: Snoopy 

Favorite super hero: Iron Man  

Beach or mountains? Beach 

Paris or London? Paris 

Diamonds or pearls? Pearls

Favorite all time movie:

Dirty Dancing (but Purple Rain is a close second!) 


Tracey Savell Reavis 


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